Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Nancy Baraza fiasco....

I can only call it a fiasco.....since there are so many versions of it, if Kenyan dailies are to be believed.

 which seemed to be a one sided article.

Today morning Standard  version Deputy CJ speaks out on gun drama with guard which seems to be a story that is playing as 'setting the information straight' after The Star ran with it yesterday morning.

A lot has been said on this Baraza issue, but the most sober of it all was by Diasporadical  on their last evening post Nancy Baraza: The Power of Words & the Danger of Power

My take is that Baraza should apologise to this lady publicly and raise the bar of public servants' a notch higher as her selection as Deputy CJ did.. Waiting for the police to 'investigate' this issue is defeatist at the very least. Whichever way this pans out, public servants better be warned...... it is no longer business as usual, literally.